Excavation in Taree


Excavation & Earthmoving Services

BB & F Construction is a leading provider of civil excavation services to clients in Taree.

Our team of skilled contractors can do excavation for both domestic and commercial infrastructure including, buildings, warehouses, dams, underground tanks and more.

If you are looking for a team of skilled and professional excavation experts, don’t hesitate to hire us for your next earthmoving project. Get in touch with us today and let us help you with your excavation work. We also have water cartage, road construction and site levelling services. We cater to clients throughout Taree and surrounding areas.
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Subdivision Construction - Construction in Taree, NSW


BB & F Construction builds rural, residential and rural residential subdivisions as well as private farm roads and driveways. Our team oversees every project from start to finish without any subcontracting.
Aerial View of Car Park - Car Park in Taree, NSW

Car Parks

Our team of skilled tradespeople can construct car parking areas for both new and existing residential and business locations. Our car park construction services includes everything from excavation, pavement construction, stormwater and drainage construction, concrete kerb and footpath construction—up to asphalt sealing.
Grader leveling the road - Construction in Taree, NSW

Road Constructions

BB & F Constructions builds all types of roads, from existing street reconstruction to council streets to full road construction. We also build sealed and unsealed rural roads with free site inspections and appraisals for clients.
Digging Drains - Construction in Taree, NSW

Drains & Sewers

We build new sewer and water mains including new lot service connections. All of our sewer and drainage builds are cost-effective and adheres to council standards.
Dam Construction - Construction in Taree, NSW

Dam Construction

Our team is capable of carrying out dam cleanings, enlargements, new dam construction and repair services for leaky dams.
Grader Levelling Construction Site - Construction in Taree, NSW

Site Levelling

BB & F Construction provides site levelling services as part of a full subdivision construction. We can also assist with subdividing existing blocks and creating sewer and waterways for new lots.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is vacuum excavation and how does it work?
Vacuum excavation is the method of breaking down ground material by using pressurised water or air then vacuuming the debris left behind. This exposes utility lines and is often referred to as a soft dig.
What is a civil construction?
How long does a site inspection take? Do I need to be there during the inspection?
What permits and approvals do I need to secure before proceeding with an excavation?
What is bulk earthworks?
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